3. 2. It also contains oleic acid, which is important for a healthy heart as it is mono-saturated. [ Read: Health Benefits of Bitter Melon] 10. The "sacred Datura" is a toxic plant native to northern Mexico and the southwestern United States.It is more commonly known as thorn apple, jimson weed, and locoweed. 4. Datura ferox: long spined thorn-apple; Datura leichhardti: Leichhardtโ€™s datura; Datura quercifolia: Oak-leaf thorn-apple; Datura drugs and medicinal benefits. Another common name, devil's snare, sounds alarming, but a few simple precautions will enable gardeners to handle this weed without great risk. The last nicknameโ€”locoweedโ€”gives an indication of the plant's chemical properties. Apart from weight loss, another one of the health benefits of thorn melon fruit is promoting eye health. 2. With one fruit going for about Ksh 10 in Kenya, you have got no excuse to miss the goodness that come with this wonder fruit. It is an antioxidant. It helps improve eye sight. The impressive health benefits of hawthorn include its ability to regulate blood pressure, reduce anxiety, protect the heart, improve digestion, boost respiratory health, reduce the severity of chest pains, improve mood, relieve intestinal infections, and aid in skin care.. What is Hawthorn? Can Help Reduce Blood Pressure 10 Amazing Benefits of Hawthorn Tea. Kiwano has very low cholesterol levels, and its seeds are rich in linoleic acid, which has unsaturated omega-6 fatty acids. 7. In fact, this plant received the name Jimson Weed because it was among one of the first plants that English settlers came in contact with during the settlement of Virginia. Hawthorn is the fruit of the similarly named hawthorn shrubs and trees. The seeds and seed pods of the thorn apple, like the one above, are powerful, often deadly hallucinogens. Datura stramonium (thorn apple) Thorn apple is a weed that prefers a warmer climate than Britain, but in hot summers weather they are quite commonly found. Good for diabetic patients. USES OF THORN MELON โ€“ KAWANA. Although this plant possesses a variety of medicinal and therapeutic benefits, it [โ€ฆ] 6. 1 Thorn melon are Good for metabolism. Thorn melon benefits in eye health. Helps people with arthritis. 5. Also referred to as kiwano or the horned melon, the thorn melon is one fruit loaded with health benefits you never thought of. Rich in Vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium as well as iron. 1. The content of vitamin A is very essential in Thorn Melon which makes it a valuable fruit and booster for the eyes. Also known as quick thorn, thorn apple or may tree, and belonging to the genus crategus, there are actually several different varieties of this berry which can be made into tea. The thorn-apple plant is an annual herb averaging one to five feet (30 to 150 cm) in height, with forking purple stems, irregular green leaves, and white or purple trumpet-shaped flowers. HEALTH BENEFITS OF THORN MELON. Keeps Heart Healthy. For Workers & Retirees 1-800-400-7242 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time Monday Through Friday (Except Federal Holidays) For Employers & Practitioners 1-800-736-2444 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time Monday Through Friday Thorn Apple or more commonly known as Jimson Weed has been around for centuries. Thorn apples cause fever and can be potentially fatal. The thorn apples are a spiked, walnut-shaped fruit filled with small black seeds. Facts and health benefits of Thorn Apple (Datura) Datura stramonium, known by the English names Thorn Apple (Datura), jimsonweed or devilโ€™s snare, isโ€ฆ Herbs and Spices 8.4 Recently, FDA has recognized the medicinal uses of Datura because of the presence of chemical compounds such as scopolamine and atropine. Check out some of the health benefits of โ€ฆ Stop premature Aging.

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