Score big with these cute Soccer Ball-Themed Cake Pops. Beat at medium speed with an electric mixer for 2 minutes. Repeat with all cake balls, then let chill again until set, about 10 minutes. The easiest way to make consistent, uniform cake balls is to use a measuring spoon. Divide your cake in half and freeze one half for future use. Use buttercream frosting to decorate these Blooming Cake Pops. Form into cake balls and chill until set for about 2 hours. EGGLESS HOMEMADE CAKE POPS INGREDIENTS. You need to freeze the cake balls, otherwise, they will break up when you dip them in the melted chocolate. *If you’re using a chocolate cake mix, use chocolate instant pudding mix. It works well to melt it in a mug placed in the microwave. Tap any extra coating off of the cake pop gently. These cake pops are a blast to decorate and even better to eat! I left them in the freezer for two days because I got busy with other things. Bake a cake either in a 9×13 pan or two 8-inch round pans. Spray sheet cake pan with nonstick vegetable pan spray. Small: 1 tablespoon-sized cake ball (each about 1 in. Gently tap the cake pop … Dip the sticks in the melted chocolate and then stick them in the cake balls, being careful not to go through the balls. Let your cake balls come to room temperature before dipping. For all other cake flavors, you can use a vanilla pudding mix. Using your hands, crumble up the cake until no large pieces remain. She is an avid baker and decorator and spends most of her free time experimenting in the kitchen. If your cake balls are falling off your treat stick, they could be too heavy due to size or adding too much frosting. diameter makes about 16. Use either chocolate cake mix or yellow cake mix. All the ingredients called for on the box of cake mix, about 2 1/4 cups Melting Chocolate or Almond Bark, Save the box from the cake mix - you will need this later, Angel Food Cake with Whipped Chocolate Frosting, My Favorite Easy Chocolate Dessert Recipes. They’re easy to melt and can be found in a variety of colors and flavors. A box mix yields 12 cake pops from each quarter cake or 48 pops from the full cake. In a large bowl or the bowl of stand mixer, beat … While cake balls are setting, melt Candy Melts candy according to package instructions. Cream cheese frosting is great for red velvet cake pops, or can be used with your favorite dark chocolate cake mix. Make the Cake. With a little step-by-step guidance, cake pops can be easy! If cake pops are new to you or you have tried them in the past and never gone back, this simple cake pop recipe is the perfect place to start. Crumble the cake into very fine crumbs and mix it with the vanilla … Divide cake in half and freeze one half for future use. Add in frosting a little bit at a time until cake is moist and can hold a ball shape, yet is still slightly … Preheat oven to 350℉. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. Dip tip of each lollipop stick into melted candy, then into set cake balls. You can make cake pops with your favorite homemade cake recipe from scratch; however, there’s no shame in using a boxed cake mix here. Tips. Cool cake in pan for about 10 minutes, then remove the cake from the pan and cool completely. So roll up those sleeves…let’s get poppin’! Then discard those pieces or set them aside to munch on later. How to Use Candy Melts for Baking and Decorating, Springform Pan 101: What is a Springform Pan and How Do You Use It, 15 Peppermint Desserts You Can Enjoy This Season, 3 Easy Christmas Cookies with @JennyCookies, 16 Great Christmas Tree Desserts & Treats, 26 Easy Kids’ Christmas Treats They’ll Love, Chocolate Peppermint Cake with Peppermint Buttercream, 1 (3.4 oz.) Tap lightly to remove excess. It’s really easy to learn how to make cake pops with cake mix. This is especially important to keep in mind if you’re using a boxed cake mix, which is already pretty moist. Try using cream cheese frosting instead! If you think you’ve added too much frosting, add a little more cake to help even out the texture. Cool … Repeat with the remaining balls and sticks. Just pick up a tasty box of mix from the baking aisle, grab a few extra ingredients if you don’t already have them on hand and you’re all set to begin! To help ensure your cake balls stay, be sure to dip the stick in melted candy before inserting it into the cake ball. These bite-sized delicacies can be made to suit any cake preference, from red velvet to chocolate and any festive theme in between. Grease a 9x13-inch baking dish. Melt about 2 cups of melting chocolate or almond bark. Easy to make and fun to decorate, cake pops make great edible gifts or party favors. Beat the ingredients at medium speed with an electric mixer for 2 minutes. At first, cake pop ingredients are no different than baking a … Form into cake balls and chill until set, about 2 hours. Preheat oven to 350℉. Simply place your cake pops in a large reusable freezer bag. While cake balls are setting, melt the Candy Melts candy according to package instructions. Dip each cake pop into the melted coating until it is completely covered. This can also happen with hot candy or chocolate being put into a cold refrigerator or freezer. Reserved remaining melted candy for the outer coating. Repeat with remaining cake pops. If the dough seems dry, you can add additional frosting, 1 … Both make a great coating! Add frosting, mixing with fingers until well combined. Beat cake mix, water, eggs, and oil in a bowl using an electric mixer … Make cake pops that are out of this world with these Over The Moon Cake Pops, great for a galaxy-themed party or a snack to enjoy while stargazing with the kids. Cook Time 4 mins. diameter) makes about 48, Medium: 2 tablespoons sized cake balls (each about 2 in. You’ll need: Cake: you’ll need to make a super basic cake, vanilla or chocolate, or you can also make a cake from a cake mix box. ), Wilton creamy white decorator frosting or buttercream frosting, or chocolate decorator frosting for chocolate pops. Helpful 9 Not Helpful 0. Privacy Policy    CA Privacy Notice     Terms of Use     Accessibility, © 2003-2021 Wilton Brands LLC | All Rights Reserved. Frosting: … Dipped cake pops decorated with Candy Melts candy can be stored at room temperature for a week. Dip a half inch of the tip of a lollipop stick into the candy and then stick the tip halfway into a cake ball. She works closely with the Digital, Creative and Product teams to produce educational videos, recipes and projects for the Wilton community. This homemade cake pop recipe is ultra-moist and easy to make. Thanks! This simple recipe is perfect for making cake pops in all shapes and sizes. To make cake pops, you will need: – 1 box cake mix and ingredients to make the cake – Up to 1/3 cup of frosting When dipping, be sure to cover right to the top of the stick to secure the pop in place. Using your hands, crumble up the cake until no large pieces remain. Smush the mixture in your hand to pack it tightly into a ball. Here is an image for you to pin. Pour your batter into the prepared cake pan. Reserve remaining melted candy. Crumble the cake into small pieces and mix it with the frosting. Stir in the frosting until a dough forms. Great to use as edible favors for birthdays and other celebrations, these treats can be customized using Candy Melts candy and colorful sprinkles. I used a chocolate cake mix and added milk, eggs, sour cream, and instant chocolate pudding mix. Freeze the cake balls for at least 2 hours. If you want to prep your cake balls and freeze them, store them in a large freezer bag and keep in the freezer for up to 6 weeks. Repeat with remaining cake pops. If you used melted chocolate or white chocolate to dip or decorate your cake pops, store them in the fridge so the chocolate doesn’t melt. Getting a Smooth Finish. My batter is a little higher yield, so each quarter yields about 15 pops or 60 pops for the entire cake. To dip cake pops, make sure the bowl is deep and quite full with candy so you don’t need to tilt it. Your cake should already be fairly moist, but to make sure it's extra sticky, start adding in vanilla frosting. If your candy shell is cracking, it’s mostly due to an extreme change in temperature (cold cake balls being dipped into hot candy). Learn techniques for making cake pops with a variety of recipes and become inspired with clever decorating ideas. Made using two colors of cake and candy, these treats are great for any sport or school event!

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