[182] Further research is being done to address the continuing production of sugarcane in the Everglades to minimize phosphorus runoff. [22], The consistent Everglades flooding is fed by the extensive Kissimmee, Caloosahatchee, Miami, Myakka, and Peace Rivers in central Florida. Soon after his successful election, he began work to "drain that abominable pestilence-ridden swamp",[114] and pushed the Florida legislature to form a group of commissioners to oversee reclamation of flooded lands. The crust underneath Florida was at one point part of the African region of the supercontinent Gondwana. [95] Their villages were not large, due to the limited size of the hammocks. [111] By 1896 the rail line had been extended to Biscayne Bay. However, development and sustainability concerns have remained pertinent in the region. "Everglades Deal Shrinks to Sale of Land, Not Assets". [89], Second in power and number to the Calusa in South Florida were the Tequesta. The plumes, or aigrettes, as they were called in the millinery business, sold for $32 an ounce in 1915— the price of gold. Wet prairies are slightly elevated like sawgrass marshes, but with greater plant diversity. [65], Cypress swamps can be found throughout the Everglades, but the largest covers most of Collier County. There are only two types of soil in the Everglades, peat and marl. Evapotranspiration is responsible for approximately 70–90 percent of water entering undeveloped wetland regions in the Everglades. It is one of the most sparsely populated areas of the state. These systems shift, grow and shrink, die, or reappear within years or decades. [149], Further problems with the environment arose when a vast algal bloom appeared in one-fifth of Lake Okeechobee in 1986, the same year cattails were discovered overtaking sawgrass marshes in Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. [132] In 1948, Congress approved the Central and Southern Florida Project for Flood Control and Other Purposes (C&SF), which divided the Everglades into basins. [170] It predicted that without intervention the entire South Florida ecosystem would deteriorate. Hand sanitizer will be available. When droughts take place, the rate may peak at over 50 inches (130 cm), and exceed the amount of rainfall. She was such a sweetheart through it all and was adopted into the most loving home. [43] Whereas in the wet season, dead plant matter and the tips of grasses and trees are burned, in the dry season the fire may be fed by organic peat and burn deeply, destroying root systems. Some of the pine was for lumber, but most of the pine forests in Dade County were cleared for development. [43] Fires are confined by existing water and rainfall. Miami experienced a second real estate boom that earned a developer in Coral Gables $150 million. The composition of this sedimentary formation affects the hydrology, plant life, and wildlife above it: the rock is especially porous and stores water during the dry season in the Everglades, and its chemical composition determines the vegetation prevalent in the region. [11] The peninsula has been covered by seawater at least seven times since the bedrock formed.

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