Identification of Circulating Myeloid Cell Populations in NLRP3 Null Mice Application Note. Flow cytometer instruments, antibodies, and reagents from Bio-Rad give you the confidence to do more. IVD: In Vitro Diagnostic Products. We outline a protocol using DURACloneโ„ข IM panels, which are unitized, dry format, room temperature stable reagent cocktails, to delineate and quantify T cell subpopulations from a heterogeneous sample of isolated normal PBMCs based on TCR composition. In this case study, using the surface markers Ly6C (hematopoietic precursor cells, monocytes), Ly6G (granulocytes/neutrophils), and CD115 (macrophage colony-stimulating factor [M-CSF] receptor; macrophages), we examined and identified the differences in circulating cell populations in fresh blood samples. Using Cell Impermeant DNA Binding Dyes for Viability Assessment in Multicolor Flow Cytometry Application Note. These reagents are labeled "Analyte Specific Reagents. Bench top flow cytometers Bench top cytometers are fully enclosed. Find a flow cytometer for sale and auction at LabX. CytoFLEX Instrument Set-up for Measuring Extracellular Vesicles Application Note. The BD Accuri C6 Plus personal flow cytometer is the newest generation of the BD Accuri platform. It binds covalently to intracellular proteins. CytExpert for CytoFLEX Gain Independent Compensation Flyer, Gain Independent Compensation, a feature of CytExpert acquisition software, is enabled by Avalanche Photodiode detectors and facilitates simplified workflows for immunophenotyping, Protection Plan for your Workflows in Flow Cytometry. Describes a staining procedure and instrument set up for absolute counting of probiotic bacterial culture. Millipore has developed a portfolio of reagent kits validated specifically for use on Guava flow cytometers. Instructions for reducing background particles found in buffers and reagents to enhance small particle detection. Detailed procedure for processing brain tissue for culture and flow cytometric analysis is provided. The customizable laser and optical configurations of NovoCyte offer a high degree of flexibility while providing complex cell analysis capabilities. Complete Solutions for your Specific Exosome Workflow from Preparation to Analysis. ViaKrome 808 Fixable Viability dye excitation and emission spectrum, with 885/40 bandpass indicated. The light produced by lasers in a flow cytometer is scattered by cells in the sample, measured by detectors, and then translated to signals that can be analyzed and measured. Gain Independent Compensation Feature of CytExpert for CytoFLEX Software, Demonstrates the feature of Gain Independent Compensation using a multicolor immunophenotyping panel, Whitepaper: Support for Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Records: CytoFLEX Flow Cytometers with CytExpert 2.3 Software, Provides a table referencing the regulation along with the specific software features that facilitate compliance with that section of the law, High Content DuraClone Reagents on the CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer: Instrument Setup using the CytoFLEX Compensation Library, Authors: Dr. Nicole Weit, Dr. Andreas Bรถhmler, Dr. Michael Kapinsky | Published 2015, Performance testing of cytometry instruments is utilized to characterize the capability of the cytometer to perform high complexity applications, Specifications: CytoFLEX Platform Plate Loaders, Technical Specifications for the Plate Loader options for CytoFLEX platform flow cytometers, Mitigating sources of variability begins during assay design, continues during analytical method development, and through process monitoring, Thirteen Color Immunophenotyping T Cell Subsets in Whole Blood Application Note. Common assays include: immunophenotyping, รขย€ยฆ Nano- and Microparticle Bead Mix for Use as a Sizing Standard in Flow Cytometry. Representative data from several replicates are provided in order to report out precision obtainable from this approach. The CytoFLEX LX Flow Cytometer is an expansion of the CytoFLEX Platform. Also includes step-by-step instructions for setting up the CytoFLEX for multicolor immunophenotyping including use of the Compensation Library. - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information. T helper cells are distinguished functionally by their cytokine profile, their major effector molecules. easyCyte Flow Cytometers use novel microcapillary technology that enables a compact user-friendly format, which is powerful enough to run complex assays. Characterizing T Helper Cells Populations by Intracellular Cytokine Expression Using Flow Cytometry Application Note. Violet-Blue-Red (V-B-R) Series, fully activated with 13 colors or as few as four, Includes 13 band pass filters: 450/45, 525/40 (2), 585/42, 610/20 (2), 660/10 (2), 690/50, 712/25, 780/60 (3), Large dynamic range to resolve dim and bright populations in the same sample, Purchase the number of parameters needed now. These systems accommodate smaller sample volumes, generate less waste, have lower operating costs, and are easier to set up and run than traditional flow cytometers. The benefits of using multicolor flow cytometry for the assay is that different phagocytic potential across various immune cell types can be determined in the same sample.

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