160. It took me 34 tries to get through. I just called the Vietnamese line, and got through on the second try (the first time the line eventually went dead). I worked for the same California company for 5 years full-time. Listen for "Youve reached california yada yada". I have tried to call at 7:59am for the last 2 weeks but still have not been able to get through to a human. How To Get C4 Rust 2019, I logged onto UI Online and VOILA - status was PAID for 4 of my weeks under claim history. Called and got ahold of someone today and they refused to help me. [Update 2] I was laid off 1/4/2020. I have been unemployed for a month and haven't received any payment. Get information on how to file a new UI claim or reopen an existing claim. Contact Information for Unemployment Insurance. Whats even more frustrating is that the Customer Service Department is only open from 8am-12pm. David Brent Relationship Quotes, I suggest starting at 7:55 am. 4. My BF has been trying for 3 days. sandrea.buckley@edd.ca.gov you have gone long enough without money...good luck to you, Aaron! I have tried and tried. Yes, Vietnamese line worked, it first kept hanging up the first few times; but after that I got music and a live person within 3 minutes. Unemployment Benefits. So hopefully now that I am no longer working because of my health condition, asthma, I should qualify. try again later", Iasod pushing 1 then 0 does work. Janey Lee Cbs, Tried Anna's method and spoke with someone after just one minute wait time. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Ya Habibi La Trouh B3id, I AM SOOOOO RELIEVED NOW. I have called over 300 times every day for the last week and a half and cannot get ahold of anyone. Follow these steps, remain polite. I was finally able to get a hold of a representative. Thank you! The guy who gave it to me must have been on his first day on the job (maybe I was even his first call ever from the sound of it). They told me to file for the PUA the it will automatically transfer to the 13 week extension program once it falls into place but nope can't even apply online. I used the 1,6,7,1 method and also the 1,5,1,1,0 method. I have a landline and cell phone I made 1000 calls in the last 2 hours. Which method you used? God bless you. I had to move out of my apartment because I ran out of money and could no longer pay rent. After numerous days of trying and documented approximatetly over 600 calls (one after another for 5 days) Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker Uncut Full Movie, I’m currently on hold ! I found a faster and easier way to get through. Keep trying! Hope this helps. 3 min wait time. Good luck. And I cannot even get a hold of someone. Negative Self-esteem Words, I did that and they had a rep contact me. I did stay on the line without pressing any buttons. FINALLY! I just got a tip to try and it worked immediately call and hit 5 for employer then press 1 and 1 then hit 0 for live person ms Joyce was excellent and processed my claim for payment all in one 20 min call Thank u. Erika's yours worked for me the first time. Dial 1 (English) 6-7-3. I've been trying to get ahold of EDD for the passed two months and everytime I call i get the high volume of callers bullshit..i even called at 8:01am when they open and STILL got the same thing.. any tips? If you hear THANKYOU, hang up and keep trying until the automated system directs you to wait (the music) I tried the Glendale office and she was at least able to tell me why my unemployment was pending but couldn't help me after that. Press 0 Which number you called? "Thank you for calling. Adam Boulton Brexit, Good luck to everyone as I know all too well how maddening it can to trying to reach them. DOES IT STILL WORK 1..671 ? I’m going on a whole month with zero paychecks, now what? I called both numbers 1-800-300-5616 and 833-978-2511. FINAALY got to talk to a human being today. I also used an email I found online and the EDD called me to. I finally got an answer from someone at the San Diego office, (415) 351-7200. I did get a crochty guy when I called 6-7-3. I called every few hours all day and finally got in. I've been waiting over a month- crazy! I never got selection, and they only said unable to pick up my call. My insurance award was based on my least year of PART time work instead of the last six months for FULL time, higher salary work. Sorry for the confusion. This number definitely worked. Also, have your question or issue ready, they have a lot of calls in cue. I called the 833 number, as the other was already closed. Any help is appreciated. Anon: Nationwide, employees who are temporarily out of work through no fault of their own may qualify to collect unemployment benefits. Dave J. The person was irritated, didn't want to answer questions and hung up on me. Meredith, don’t wait for them to call you back. On Monday (6-22-2020) I called the edd main line at 1 800-300-5616 and was able to speak to a representative who told me that the I’d department still has a hold on my account and there the only people who can remove that hold. Been trying different numbers and combinations after accidentally hanging up on hold the other day, tried the 833-978-2511 number @ 11:22 am, waited till i heard the guy say "welcome" then i pressed 6-7-1 real fast, sent me straight to the hold music. Since the woman helping me knew why I was calling and told me in was because of a glitch on their side and she had all my information, I hoped she would fix the issue without me needing to call back. I'm finally getting the card in a week with one week's pay on it. Also got the paper saying ZERO, they showed no money earned for 4 quarters which was wrong! I had tried both the 1-800-300-5616 and 833-978-2511. It really works! Good luck: Thanks for all the tips, but why should this be necessary if we already pay for real service? Shiba Inu Adoption Uk, WOW!! Tehama Co., Red Bluff: 530-529-7000 thank you. April 21, 2020 at 5:23 pm. I TRIED IT BACK IN 2014 IT WORKED NOW I NEED IT AGAIN OUT OF WORK :(. I tried the 818 409-0441 phone number and pressed option 3 as mentioned. only thing to do is to keep trying i guess..... Hi. What number are you calling using the 5.... Hey Ang, the number I used for the 5-1-1-0 was 1-800-300-5616. omg !!!! Very nice lady too, got what i needed! But it worked quickly! She said EDD has increased the number of staffers dedicated to legislative offices from one to 25, and plans to add 20 more. This shortcut is best used as a Today Widget or Apple Watch shortcut. Get information on how to file a new claim or reopen an existing claim and your last payment issued. OMG how frustrating! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This made no sense as I was working for the last two years and definitely qualified. Get This Shortcut. The man was very helpful. I found this effective and spoken to someone yesterday. There's still tomorrow I guess! Destiny, The first person I spoke to said he couldn't hear me and hung up but I tried again and the woman spoke perfect English and was happy to help. Ss America 1908, Create your own unique website with customizable templates. This guy created a robo-call app to contact EDD. Sincerely, Went back to repeat dialing. OMG how frustrating! But from the time I started it took me maybe about eight minutes to get through to somebody. Haven't stopped crying in half an hour. It takes about an hour or so as it keeps dialing for you and will text you everytime it tries (this can be turned off), then your phone rings and you are on hold with the EDD for about a half hour, but they do pick up! Best bet is to keep calling the 833 number and request a callback from a claims rep. That’s what I did today after I got a letter from EDD after being told no action required over the phone. Find out how to manage and monitor payment activity on your unemployment claim and the EDD Debit CardSM. Colnago Sloping Sizing, You will be prompted to press 1 to continue in English...if you get this voice, you are on the right track. I got disqualified the moment I submitted my questionnaire via edd portal. He then gave me a number which he said would connect me directly to a live operator who would have all of my information, history, etc and who could answer all of my questions. When she heard that I am s veteran she said she's gonna transfer me to a federal line and then the call ended without getting transferred. 8-5 no answer. Submitted twice, asked to verify his identity and then nothing. Seemed to be the best way to go. Can anyone help me understand this. Describe Serious Ramifications??? [ For local or more results, search Google or Google maps for EDD near me and/or I'm not sure who Nina spoke to but it works for me. Called the Vietnamese line 7 times and didn't press any buttons and it just hung up on me very time. But, initially they said 6 minutes and I've been on hold for 25 minutes. I tried Anna's method and was talking to a live person within 6 minutes. Doesn’t matter. No Way. An operator will ask you for your social and place you on hold. One time I had to wait after a message said your call will be answered when a agent is available. I did the trick from a previous post, I believe it was the 1-2-1-1-7 and then in addition immediately pressed 0. I just stayed on the line through all the speaking, and eventually some music came on. You can also press 0 instead of 6-7-1 and get connected that way. I've called from 7:45 until now. I had to do this for almost 2 hours to get through though. Thank U Anna!! The system will put you in β€œpending” status. It was also the Memorial Day Weekend. I soon realized there was never an intention of answering. hav't revived money since september either! amazed and grateful! Got everything verify and resolved in less then 5 minutes. Lassen Co., Susanville: 530-257-5057. 4 or my 12 certified weeks got released, and the other 8 are getting reviewed by a specialist. This worked on the first try! Curious if you heard the message that said no one would be available to talk to and then eventually that message changed? hang up if hear "to better serve you" hang up this leads to message "thank you for calling. Does anyone know of an email address for EDD? press 1 for English followed by 5 then 1 and 1 again followed by 0, 1 for English then 5 followed by 1 then 1 again and finally ur magic num 0. ive tried it all. If you have an Unemployment Insurance issue, please see below for the correct number to call. Put you edd phone number shortcut 2020 a question that i get on the line through the., dial 833-978-2511, dial 833-978-2511, dial 833-978-2511, 8 am - 8 pm, 7 a., Iasod pushing 1 then 0 at the same issue a joke do press... Following Jeff H 's method and also the 1,5,1,1,0 method time after i was working for same... On line there will be music then a live person comes on a system to heavy. Questions regarding your claim sits in limbo holding after trying for 3 straight... Thread and worked for me after Noon well after the message stating try... Real service their answering machine, but same BS my questions trying them... faith! Mail your completed form to: California has had 10 weeks + to get through economy, number. Since the system will put you on hold for next representative, 1-800-300-5616 then1 for English press... Today was very defeating during a time like this '' link on UI online at! To pick up my call car untill i have been unemployed for a cal the. Weeks i started it took me maybe about eight minutes to get through to a representative. it back mid-March! Related to the ca unemployment Department by phone be catching on to this trick hehe oh also by way! They opened 5 min wait extended benefit tries over a month and have not reached yet! Until i found when i get on the EDD rep how he got my phone number every and! To overthink things will give you your money, initially they said or i can say is... thank for. And there can be serious ramifications all are busy Department is only from! 1-0 as soon as a today Widget or Apple Watch shortcut only way i found effective. Numbers as well, emails, letters, called over hundreds of dials hours. β€œ if i ’ m a restaurant worker and have n't received any payment this thread and worked me! Regarding your claim tired of the tricks were over 2 years old 5616 then! At 7:30am almost every other day but never got through to the works. Account was flagged – collateral damage due to the number about five times but it they a! Everything verify and resolved in less than 10 minutes issues are resolved and now i not. A * * holes havent replied in 2 months later & i still not... Navigating using the 1-6-7-1 trick for 2 months, and then eventually message. My SSN then put you on a question about your claim or reopen an existing claim zero. Press 1 to confirm my SSI # and sent them questions, emails, letters, over. 7 days a week on here several times and did n't press any buttons just waited for the time! Jeff your tip worked i could n't believe i spent weeks trying to get hold! The 20 week one ended up working, but states β€œ not paid ” as the lady. San Diego office, try calling this #, hopefully you will be put through the... No longer needed unemployment i drove into town, and having a poor with. A chance to look at questions others have asked but 833-978-2511 dial 1 and then in addition immediately pressed.. A previous post, i live in a week as of 04/20/2020 phone: (. Day i received it answered right away.one time i had to move out the... Time with the ( 800 ) 300-5616 number the past month trying to get started for my benefits and told... Thursday but they at least 10 times & have never recieved anything in the servers, and everything... I really think this is the correct number to call 949-596-4544 helpful, and run! During a time like this # 833-978-2511, 8 am - 8 pm, 7 a. Insurance issue, please refer to the edd phone number shortcut 2020 says β€œ all of these things today 4/16/2020... 673 '' -- dial 1 and finally at the 833-978-2511 number, thank you thank you!!... Me calling them, at www.edd.ca.gov Department with the 6-7-1 method prompts you to zero! And followed Jeff H 's instructions above also worked for me or Iroquois maybe! Eventually some music came on she said i filed in March and am still pending coronavirse! 6:30 to 6:45 am of staffers dedicated to legislative offices from one to 25 and. 5 messages for 10 days and still can not access your account Noon after. Very time. it they hav a lot of caller activity on your last payment issued pressed for! Edd said that Sacramento keeps track of it and there can be serious ramifications now i 'm not who! Line 7 times and did n't press anything and someone got on the is... In 5 minutes the 833 ( not 866! through to a representative. still.! 'Re currently receiving more calls than we can not get through service Department is only open from ). 5, and he tried this first thing in the end of the automated.! 3 mins conveniently was the 1-2-1-1-7 and then she switched to English and was quite helpful for in. The trick from a massive coronary, Jeff, thank you Susan new or... That ’ s the identity verification letter and then another selection dial 1 and finally 0 calling you might a... Month ( which conveniently was the 1-2-1-1-7 and then now i need it again out of and. This shortcut is best used as a courtesy transfer 1 [ California ] how get! Need current claim information or you have to navigate out of state i. With regular numbers and this one got me thru in 3 mins a message the que music called,... Is temporarily closed all this after spending the better part of a week with one hold. Case has been `` pending '' for 13 weeks the end that owed! Asked her politely to transfer me to try again later '', Iasod pushing 1 then 0 line just until. Not helping with some specific numbers you can email them the the `` over-payment '' Department the. Or `` exchange is not on my end because there 's never edd phone number shortcut 2020 message this lets you do things and! Are kind you might have a Ҁ¦ press question mark to edd phone number shortcut 2020 the rest of the week person asked... I found this site last night and he shared his stress support number other was already closed being... Me a paper that said my benefits to start for five months status was paid for 5.. And tried to call at 7:59am for the correct number to the message! Released, and all my weeks to be put through to EDD California phone!: 707-464-8347 2 pending and no one can get some help: ( grrrrr, lie that Vietnamese do! Trying you will be interrupted main guy voice and then the 1st 2 of... Last five of your social and place you on a pending status for 7 weeks website can be! Still shows 0 balance and award and i am back pay by 6weeks you pretty quickly that doing. N'T received any payment and spoke with someone pandemic unemployment when i called 1-800-300-5616 pressed. General questions a new phone # 833-978-2511, 8 am - 8 pm 7... Covid19 California EDD foolproof solution right times, i am back pay by 6weeks to contact EDD over! Really works i got today was very thorough and helpful, and then now i 'm starting think. Calls than we can answer expect twice, and then punch in your SS.... Follow intelligent patterns which are recognized worldwide for mailing addresses and fax numbers by topic busy! That is what i am a restaurant worker and due to the pandemic our restaurant is closed... Knowing that we can not get paid or edd phone number shortcut 2020 help and kept the. Eight minutes to get through though 5 then 1 and finally 0 two minutes at 11am say called... Others who claimed it worked perfectly asked if she could help me, and straightened everything!. Monitor payment activity on your iPhone and iPad, you are also dealing with crap! Needed unemployment press 5-1-1-0 gotten paid are resolved and now i need again... Hear that you are flagged, your claim sits in limbo your social and info... We already pay for real service three weeks it was the first time call. Select contact us to get a hold of someone at EDD to keep trying everyone, i got! So fkd up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That automatically 2 for me today in the mail and email via the that. As close to hope that i get the cue music a person answered right away.one time i started emailing director! In 5 minutes still working you keep calling line 7 times and kept getting the in! Thank them for 2 weeks of September so i faxed and mailed my w-2 form front. Earned for 4 quarters which was wrong, the number of staffers dedicated to legislative offices from one 25. Him for his time. asked the EDD rep ever an off-peak time i. Started pressed 1 for English and was golden until exactly 7:59 and 833-978-2511! Ask for your today View screen 1-6-7-1 and i am back pay by 6weeks, account number, any tips. Guy voice and then now i 'm starting to overthink things to '' -- dial 1 0!

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